Owning your very own yacht requires a significant initial cost. In addition, experts say you need to at least allocate 10 percent of the initial cost for annual maintenance expenses. For example, if you bought a yacht for an initial price of $10 million, make sure to earmark $1 million dollars for its repair and maintenance. Plus, there are membership fees at marina or yacht clubs that you have to consider.

If you don’t have the money to burn, but you would like to experience the freedom of sailing in open waters on a regular basis, there are Dubai yacht charter companies that provide boat rentals at extremely affordable prices. So, if you are thinking of renting a yacht or starting a new hobby in the form of sailing, here is what’s in store for you!


  • The most obvious perk of renting a yacht is you do not have to shoulder the hefty initial price and maintenance costs simply to experience sailing. You are also free from other obligations, such as registering at a yacht club and performing routine cleaning and maintenance of the yacht. You can enjoy all the benefits of owning a yacht, without all the responsibilities that go with it!
  • Renting a luxury yacht ensures you get to have privacy during the cruise, unlike with boarding a vessel with other people on board. yacht charter in dubai practically give you free reign over the vessel – you can explore the entire boat without minding other people, and you can be free to fish, eat, drink, and swim! You can also take lots of photos with only you and your family and friends in it.
  • Sailing is known to provide health benefits, such as enhancing the body’s stamina and strengthening the muscles. It can also help burn calories as the activity requires you to hoist the sails and pull the ropes. For others, sailing can be a source of rest and relaxation, which helps refresh the mind and improve mental and emotional health. Studies suggest that sailing can likewise develop motor skills, particularly hand-and-eye coordination and spatial awareness.

Holding an event on a yacht can make it extra special. If you are looking for extraordinary ways to celebrate your birthday, enjoy a weekend holiday with family and friends, or even propose to your girlfriend, renting a yacht for the occasion is the perfect way to make it absolutely amazing and memorable.