Essentials that Your Kitchen Should Never Run Out of

Your restaurant has a standard menu, and guests order off it. You should always have the ingredients to make the dishes on the menu. However, it’s not just the ingredients for those menu items that you need to have on hand every time. You should also be prepared with stocks of the following:


Olive Oil

Olive oil is a kitchen wonder. It can be used for salad dressings and marinades. It can be a healthier replacement for regular cooking oil. If you’re operating a fine dining restaurant, there will be plenty of use for extra virgin olive oil. It’s one of the things you must never run out of in the kitchen. It’s safe to say that you should have a box or two filled with bottles of olive oil, in case you have to cater to a large crowd or the volume of restaurant visitors increases.



You should always get a steady supply from tomato ketchup manufacturers and mayonnaise distributors. These are essentials in any restaurant. Though there is a traditional way to eat certain dishes, or you may have prepared a different sauce to go with the meal, some of your diners may still prefer dipping sauces such as ketchup and mayonnaise to go with the food. As a restaurant, your aim is to provide diners with a good experience, so you should be ready with any condiment they ask for. Ketchup and mayonnaise are also essentials when it comes to adding flavor to certain meats, so keeping them handy makes your kitchen more versatile. Click here if you’re looking for a manufacturer of condiments that cares about the quality of their products.


Soup Stock

Soup stock is one of a chef’s essentials. You can throw in vegetables, meat, and fish in there and come up with an amazing stock that will add flavor to your sauces and dishes. Stock is also nutritious, imbibing additional benefits to an otherwise regular meal. Because soup stock takes hours to really get those flavors out of each ingredient, it’s not something a chef would do at the last minute. Do this first thing in the morning or late at night, to be prepared for the busy day in the kitchen.


Aside from essential ingredients, condiments, and stock in your kitchen, you should also ensure that your kitchen equipment is in good working condition. Always clean your stoves and ovens before the day is over, and inspect for any problems before you open up.