How to Secure Your Business’ Credit Card Transactions

Customers may not be thinking about their credit card transactions until they get their bank statement, but this doesn’t mean you should be careless about charging them for any purchase. Double charges and fraudulent transactions can ruin your company’s reputation. This is why it’s important to secure your business transactions, especially credit card purchases.   … [Read more…]

4 Essential Factors in Packaging Engineering and Design

Are you a budding entrepreneur who has a great idea for a product but has no experience in packaging them? Have you talked to suppliers yet still find yourself looking for a better solution?   If you can relate to these questions, perhaps it’s time to consider getting the right services from packaging companies in … [Read more…]

The role of legal translation services

Legal translation demands high skill with professionalism and the ability to successfully communicate the context with the original source of documents and hence provide with the best quality to translate an accurate word and expression meaning which are similar to the original. Nowadays you can easily find legal services that offer a well written legal … [Read more…]

Basic Customs in Weddings

No matter where in the world you travel to, the one thing for sure is that weddings will be celebrated with a ceremony everywhere. However, the fact of the matter is that these celebrations tend to differ between different nations and religions. But no matter how weddings are celebrated, there is always a ceremony to … [Read more…]


Our job is one aspect of our life that we deal with every day. Most of our days are spent in our offices and we break our back to fulfil our deliverables. In return, our hard-earned money helps us to provide for your loved ones. However, some profession has inherent risks and need  high level … [Read more…]

Business stationery – Best form of advertising

The benefits of business stationery are way too many to count. They basically advertise you and your business. They let the world know who you are and what it is that you do. These are generally considered in the business world as being the ‘best form of advertising’, which is a major reason why you … [Read more…]

Reasons for you to consider taking on IT support

Looking for IT support when starting a business can be very helpful for you over the course of time, particularly as your business starts expanding. Whether it is for help in managing the network and connectivity issues or more efficiently managing the data involved, IT support is very important for efficient management and control over … [Read more…]

All you should know about dhows

If there is one thing that is synonymous with the Arabian way of life, it is dhows. This particularly holds true for those residing at coastal locations like Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Oman. For those who don’t know, dhows are basically wooden boats that have a deep association with Middle Eastern history. If anything, these … [Read more…]

Behind the Goal: The History of Football

When people think about football, the first they’d probably think of is Lionel Messi or David Beckham. Next is a player struggling to score a goal amid all the rough playing in an open field. But, what is football? Where did it come from? Like any other sport, football is surely to have its roots … [Read more…]

How to find the right dentists

There are several aspects to take into account when it comes to selecting the best dentists to help with the oral or dental care of your family members or loved ones. Here’s a look into the different aspects that you should consider: Qualifications Dentists at some of the best dental clinics in Dubai happily show … [Read more…]

Reasons for you to hire freelance accounting firms

Financial and accounting services are a requirement for any organization or business to flourish. A business does not remain successful only because of its achievements in promoting its products or solutions. It also owes its achievements to having a good financial framework, which is where accounting services come in. But this is something we already … [Read more…]

Finding the best window cleaning company in Dubai

Looks like you’re searching for a business in Dubai to take care of your window cleaning? With plenty of companies around that deliver this particular service, how do we decide which one is right for you? If you take the time to do some research as well as inquire, there’s a good potential you will … [Read more…]

5 Ideas for Fun & Productive Team Building Activities

Team building activities are meant to foster rapport between employees of the same company. It is done to improve their teamwork, to improve their working relationships, and to provide an avenue for them to have fun and relax. It also allows different departments to interact with each other, and gives the executives more visibility within … [Read more…]

5 Places That Really Need Access Control Systems

Access control systems have a remarkable track record in terms of security, efficiency, flexibility and reliability. They are highly beneficial in traffic management, investigating cases, keeping confidential documents and promoting overall security. Here are some places that need access control systems. Home Your family’s security should always come first. Availing an access control system in … [Read more…]

The Plus Side of Renting a Yacht

Owning your very own yacht requires a significant initial cost. In addition, experts say you need to at least allocate 10 percent of the initial cost for annual maintenance expenses. For example, if you bought a yacht for an initial price of $10 million, make sure to earmark $1 million dollars for its repair and … [Read more…]