Styling for Success: Three Aspects to Remember

Everyone has a personal style. Not everyone, however, has a knack for dressing up well. Yes, current fashion trends give a nod to comfortable clothing and expressing your artistic flair through customizing your own clothes and mixing prints and colors, but what about those people who don’t know the difference between loosely fitting and baggy clothes?

It all boils down to knowing what kind of person you are. Here are some things to remember when considering your personal style:

Your Individuality

There are thousands of men in Dubai alone who wear suits for work. There’s a smaller number of men in a room for a black-tie event, but all of them are wearing variations of a black-tie outfit. How do you stand out? Expressing your individuality isn’t just about wearing a suit in an unusual cut or color. It’s about wearing something that defines you. This is why many turn to their tailor for a bespoke suit, especially for special occasions.

Your Aspirations

Wardrobe consultants for men want to know what you want to look like, before they offer their suggestions. Their advice might go beyond wardrobe, giving you hairstyle choices to complete your desired look. To make sure they come up with ideas that suit your personality and help you build your image, they need to know what you aspire to be. Tell them how you see yourself in five years. This short-term goal gives them a preview, and they will choose clothes that help you look the part.

Your Personal Brand

Consider this as a combination of your personality and your perceived self. What you see in yourself is different from what others see in you. You want to get the best of both worlds by showing everyone the successful person they expect you to be, while still being that passionate guy deep down. That’s your personal branding: successful and passionate. If you want to highlight other aspects of yourself, feel free to do so in your clothing options and hairstyle. Even your perfume can add to your personal branding, so choose wisely.

You might not be aware of it, but there are different cues that help you decide on the clothes you wear. You might find some inspiration from a favorite actor or brand, especially if they embody qualities that you desire. Be aware of your personality, aspirations and personal branding goals to know what kinds of clothes you should be wearing.