4 Essential Factors in Packaging Engineering and Design

Are you a budding entrepreneur who has a great idea for a product but has no experience in packaging them? Have you talked to suppliers yet still find yourself looking for a better solution?


If you can relate to these questions, perhaps it’s time to consider getting the right services from packaging companies in Dubai. These suppliers take care of paper bags and boxes for any product. They can also produce stickers and labels for mugs, cups, tumblers, and bottles.


How do these packaging engineers design their products, though? To let you learn more about their process, here are the four essential factors that they consider in packaging engineering and design.


Form and Function

­There’s a belief that function trumps form, and yet if you ask any packaging expert, they will tell you that there has to be a balance between these two. After all, form relies on function and function dictates form, at least for the packaging engineering perspective. For example, if your product involves liquid materials, they will come up with a leak-proof design. The size will depend on your specifications, though.



Experienced packaging companies in Dubai also use the right materials for a packaging project. Paper can’t handle liquid that well, of course, unless there’s a thin sheet of metallic paper inside the container. Food items usually need more durable materials for packaging, too. If you’re planning to sell consumable items, better discuss it well with your packaging supplier to keep every base covered.



Choosing the right packaging materials and design also relies on the product’s shelf life and logistics. If you’re exporting your homemade yogurt, the packaging should support weeks of travel and handling. If refrigeration is involved, extra care is necessary to prolong the shelf life and uphold the highest levels of product quality. This will affect the expiry date, too.


Branding Guidelines

Once form, function, materials, and logistics have been considered into the packaging project equation, it’s now time to think of aesthetics and design. To establish and grow your brand, you have to set certain branding standards for your business. Choose a simplistic yet impactful logo for your company. Incorporate the right color, typography, and font sizes so customers can recognize your product in a grocery shelf right away. Include the nutritional value information and make sure the text is still readable despite the small font. If you want to revise a design proposal, don’t hesitate to give feedback since it’s your business and you understand the principles of your own venture.


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